Since the inception of the establishment, the private business Davan Trading Development Company has established its professional charter and policy to provide the best service in accordance with customers’ needs. With a long history and recruiting and employing a manpower with relevant, well-trained education, And has worked hard to make this happen. With a brilliant track record of clearance from Bandar Abbas customs and other customs, this collection is a highly experienced and experienced staff who is ready to provide all of the secure and stable business services.

The stages of clearance of your goods in the customs

The stages of clearance of your goods in the customs

1. Sending documents by the client 2. Obtaining the necessary permissions to clear the goods as needed 3. Completing and arranging the documents and referencing to the units of order registration, standard, shipping 4. Rounding the declaration and printing the declaration 5. Authentication – Article 7 – Getting Kutta – Route Determination 6. Green Route Determination – Yellow Track Evaluation Number – Document Review – Value Expert (Evaluation if needed) Red Route – Evaluation – Expert Evaluation Lab – Hall Expert – Evaluation Number. Evaluation Number – Service Director – Deposit to the Bank and Licensing 7. Departure from the Kutta 8. Allow the loading and exiting 9. Receive the address from the customer and notify the company of land transportation 10. Issuing BJK 11. Loading and exit door 12. Departure and discharge Customs goods 13. Declaration of driver’s number and truck information to the customer 14. Delivery of the bill by the discharge department to the financial 15. Sending the bill of finance to the customer

Professional career advisory service

Providing expert and free consulting services by customs and customs clearance experts, traders and standard consultants. Setting tariffs and announcing fees by sending profile and catalogs of goods


“Let us clear your goods with tranquility”